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WEG Automation Inverters / Variable Speed Drives

Our WEG Automation range of A.C. variable speed drives incorporates four series: CFW-08; CFW-09; CFW-10; and CFW-11. The WEG Automation drives are available in powers between 0.18kW and 75kW and come in a range of enclosures from IP00 to IP66.

CFW-08 Series
The WEG Automation CWF-08 series comprises a comprehensive range of basic inverter ranging between 0.25kW and 15kW in size. Available with single phase 200-240Vac input up to 2.2kW and three-phase 380-480Vac input the CWF-08 series offers the user a really good introductory inverter drive at an extremely competative price.
The range comes in three types of enclosure: IP20 for fitting into another enclosure; IP54 for indoor wall mounting: and IP66 / NEMA 4X (indoor use) enclosure for washdown environments.

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Index - WEG Automation CFW-09 series inverters

CFW-09 Series (OBSOLETE)
The CW-09 series is now obsolete and has been replaced by the CFW11 series. The CFW09 page is being kept on-line for reference purposes. The CFW09 series comprised a range of IP00 and IP20 inverters incorporating V/f, Sensorless Vector and Closed-Loop Vector control techniques, all in a single product and ranging from 37kW to 55kW in size.

CFW-10 Series
The CFW-10 series comprises a range of IP20 inverters ranging from 0.18kW to 2.2kW which combine a modern design with cutting-edge technology, and stands out for its small profile and easy programming.

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Index - WEG Automation CFW11 series inverters

CFW-11 Series
The CW-11 series of high performance inverters in IP20, IP21, IP54 and IP55 enclosures ranging from 1.5kW to 75kW which are designed for speed and torque control of three phase induction motors. The main characteristic of the CFW-11 series is the "Vectrue" technology which has the advantages of scalar control (V/f), V VW, or vector control all programmable in the same product.

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