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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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Technodrives DC Motors


Technodrives DC Motors

ACP&D Limited sell Creusen dc motors which are sold in the UK as Technodrives DC motors.
There is a comprehensive range of standard permanent magnet DC motors and shunt wound dc motors manufactured in accordance with IEC standards, and are available in outputs from 0,18kW to 11kW.
The Technodrive dc motors are characterised by a high degree of flexibility with the motors being quickly adapted with brakes, tacho generators or encoders, and independent forced cooling or with a combination of these items. Standard motors are available ex-stock with options having a lead-time of normally just a few hours. If required development of completely new motors to customer specifications is possible with small batch sizes and short lead times.
For more details please contact us by email at sales@acpd.co.uk or telephone us on +44 (0)161 343 1884.

Key Features
          * 0.18Kw - 11kW
          * 1600 series wound field speed range - 10:1 against constant torque
          * 1600 series permanent magnet speed range - 20:1 against constant torque
          * 1600 series with independent forced cooling speed range - 50:1 against constant torque
          * 1800 series permanent magnet speed range - 100:1 against constant torque
          * Low voltage available 12v - 48vIP54 as standard IP55 as an option
          * Form factor 1.6 or where used with armature ckoke as specified form factor 1.05
          * Option of extended non-drive end allows the stock modification of adding brakes, and tachogenerators.
          * Foot and flange mounted B35 or foot mounted B3
          * Foot and 'C' face B34 available as option details on request

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