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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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SUP25 chocolate pump is back through popular demand

17th July 2012
Due to popular demand ACP&D Limited are pleased to be able to announce that the SUP25 chocolate screw pump used for moving high volumes of high viscosity chocolate media is being reintroduced onto the market.

SUP screw pump specially designed for pumping chocolate

The SUP25 which is the smallest of the SIG family of SUP pumps was withdrawn for new applications from the early 2000's. We are pleased to be able to announce however that due to a resurgent interest in this pump the decision has been made to make it once again available for purchase for new applications.
The SUP25 chocolate screw pump is suitable for operating with system pressures of 0.5 to 15bar and flow rates up to 118 litres/min with a viscosity typically up 22,800cSt however depending on speed, pressure, suction layout and liquid to be pumped, a higher viscosity figure of up to 200,000 cSt may be handled.
For further information on the SUP range of chocolate pumps Click here


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