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SIG Drives and Accessories

SIG stepper motor output stage, type EHV01.002 -  - Animated - 400

These products are 'Legacy' products.
Up until the mid 1990's SIG Antriebstechnik manufactured the 2-phase, 5-phase and accessory cards for control of their servo-hydraulic linear amplifiers and torque amplifiers. Today, ACP&D Limited's association with Bayer enables these SIG cards to still be purchased subject to availability.
Many of SIG linear and torque amplifiers from the 1980's and 90's are still in use and from the mid 1990's onwards they are produced under the name of Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik. The drivers in this section can still be used with these later linear and torque amplifiers.
The SIG cards available are as follows:
          o EHV01.001 - 2-phase stepping motor output stage (driver)
          o EHV01.002 - 5-phase stepping motor output stage (driver)
          o EHI01.003 Interface Board
          o EHN01.003 Mains Board
          o EHZ01.002 Counter Ramp
Where cards have a heatsink the heatsinks are available in crosswise or lengthwise configuration which needs to be selected during the order stage.

Please call us on +44 (0)161 343 1884 or fax us on +44 (0)161 343 7773 or email us on sales@acpd.co.uk for price and availability information.

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[File] EHV01.001 - 2-phase stepping motor output stage (driver) (668.2 kB)

[File] EHV01.002 - 5-phase stepping motor output stage (driver) (601.0 kB)

[File] EHI01.003 Interface Board (670.8 kB)

[File] EHN01.003 Mains Board (281.3 kB)

[File] EHZ01.002 Counter Ramp (702.4 kB)


[File] ESF 01 Index Controller Manual (in German) (853.2 kB)

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