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ACP&D Limited are able to supply an extensive range of Rotor explosion-proof asynchronous three-phase squirrel-cage motors of the type 3RD, 4RD, 5RE, 5RN and 6RN which are designed for their application in industrial buildings with highly explosive atmospheres caused by flammable gases, steam, liquids or dust.
The Rotor 3RD, 4RD, 5RE, 5RN and 6RN explosion proof motors for gas or dust atmospheres range from 0.25kW up to 160kW in 2/4/6/8 pole or multi pole 4/2 pole, 8/4 pole, 6/4 pole or 8/6 pole configuration.

Explosion-proof motor versions are:
"Explosion-proof enclosure" for the motor housing and "Increased safety" for the terminal box according to EN 50014, EN 50018 and 50019. The cover of the terminal box carries the EExe imprint. "Explosion-proof enclosure" for the motor housing and the terminal box according EN 50014 and EN50018. The cover of the terminal box carries EExd imprint.
Electric motor housings suitable for gas group IIC.
The standard electric motor is suitable for the T4 temperature class.
The exact indication of the explosion protection can be found on the label.
The explosion-proof versions may be mounted and connected to the power supply by qualified persons only; The installer must have additional knowledge about explosion protection

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