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Neugart Planetary Gearboxes

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With our Neugart planetarty gearboxes we are able to supply a wide selection of power transmission products. Nuegart is a globally renowned manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, specialised gearboxes and customised gear parts.
Our portfolio includes planetary gearboxes which incorporate single, two and three-stages of gearing with gear ratios from 3:1 up to 512:1.
The twelve series presently supported are:
PLE planetary gearboxes; PLPE gearboxes; PLHE gearboxes;PLFE planetary gearboxes;; WPLE planetary gearboxes; WPLPE gearboxes; PSN gearboxes; PSFN gearboxes; PLN planetary gearboxes; WPLN planetary gearboxes; PLFN gearboxes; and WGN gearboxes.
Click on an image below to see more information:

Neugart PLE low backlash planetary gearbox Neugart PLPE in-line planetary gearbox
Neugart PLHE in-line planetary gearbox series
Neugart PLFE low backlash planetary gearbox

PLE series

Backlash < 6 to 30 arcmin

PLPE series

PLHE series

PLFE series

Neugart WPLE angle gearbox series Neugart WPLPE angle gearbox Neugart PSN series in-line planetary gearbox Neugart PSFN series flange gearbox

WPLE series

WPLPE series

PSN series

PSFN series

Neugart WPLN low backlash planetary gearbox
Neugart WPLN low backlash angular planetary gearbox Neugart PLFN series planetary flange gearbox Neugart WGN series angle gearboxes

PLN series

WPLN series

PLFN series

WGN series

End-of-production series

Older Neugart planetary gearboxes which have recenctly been withdrawn from production in favour of the newer series like the PLN planetary gearboxes and the WPLN angle planetary gearboxes are the PLS planetary gearbox series, WPLS angle planetary gearbox series, PLV planetary gearbox series, PLS HP planetary gearbox series and the PLF HP planetary gearbox series.

Neugart PLS low backlash planetary gearbox
Neugart WPLS low backlash angular planetary gearbox
Neugart PLV series gearbox

PLS series

Backlash < 3 to 5 arcmin

WPLS series

PLV series

Neugart PLS-HP series gearbox Neugart PLF-HP low backlash planetary gearbox  

PLS HP series

PLF HP series


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[File] Complete Planetary Gearbox Brochure (14.6 MB)

[File] PLE gearbox brochure (2.2 MB)

[File] WPLE gearbox brochure (1.3 MB)

[File] PLN gearbox brochure (1.4 MB)

[File] PLS gearbox brochure (780.0 kB)

[File] WPLS gearbox brochure (717.0 kB)

[File] PLS HP gearbox brochure (653.6 kB)

[File] PLF HP gearbox brochure (536.8 kB)

[File] PLFE gearbox brochure (2.4 MB)

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