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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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Blank CD-R discs

CD-R is the most popular way of storing data on a disc. This could be a movie or some important files that you wish to store in a secure way away from your hard drive. We have a number of 'tried-and-tested' CDR discs that should provide you with a reliable back-up.

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[CDR1003 CD-R Discs]CDR1003 CD-R Discs
Pack of 25 Datasafe Branded (BLUE DYE) 80 minute, 52x speed CD-R discs. This is our most popular CD-R disc supplied in a shrink wrapped pack of 25 discs. Cost per disc is 26p + VAT. The Datasafe BLUE DYE disc has blue writing surface and white top surface. The Dye used is NOT the same as was used on the Datasafe Original disc or the Vivastar disc. Many people do, however, find that blue dye discs function better on older CD ROM drives and CD players/original Playstations. The disc has the Datasafe logo on the top surface. As well as being high quality discs, you will also benefit from Datasafe's Double Protection System. After the discs have their top surface applied, they are coated with a clear protective layer. This 2 layer system is designed to protect the top surface of the discs from damaging scratches and greasy finger prints! The discs are packaged without a jewel case or sleeve.
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[CDR1000 CD-R Discs]CDR1000 CD-R Discs
Pack of 50 discs supplied without spindle. Superior Grade A Plus with White label, 80minute, CD-R. All speeds.The top of the disc is white and has "Superior Grade A Plus All Speeds" on it in small holographic lettering. Speeds have been tested up to 48 speed. The bottom of the disc is Silver/Blue in colour. Supplied in shrink-wrap plastic.
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[CDR1010 CD-R Audio Discs]CDR1010 CD-R Audio Discs
Box of 10 Verbatim 'Music Life Plus' audio CD-R, 80min in their own Jewel cases
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Single Datasafe Branded 'Silver Premium' 80 minute CDR disc in a slim-line jewel case
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[CDR1002 CD-R Discs]CDR1002 CD-R Discs
Pack of 50 Gigatain Inkjet printable, 700Mb, 80 min, 52x speed CD-R discs. Suitable for inkjet/thermal/screen printing.
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[CDR011 CD-R Discs]CDR011 CD-R Discs
Single Verbatim CD-R, 48x speed, 700Mb, in it's own Jewel case
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[CDR1011 CD-R Discs]CDR1011 CD-R Discs
Box of 10 Verbatim CD-R, 48x speed, 700Mb discs in their own Jewel cases
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[CDR009 CD-R Discs]CDR009 CD-R Discs
Single Memorex CD-R disc in a Jewel case, 48x speed, 700Mb
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[CDR1008 CD-R Discs]CDR1008 CD-R Discs
Pack of 100 'Professional' CD-R discs, 74 minutes, 680Mb. All speeds. Tested copying mp3 music files at 52x speed with perfect results. Supplied in a shrink wrapped pack of 100 discs.
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[CDR1009 CD-R Discs]CDR1009 CD-R Discs
Box of 10 Memorex CD-R, 48x speed, 700Mb discs in their own Jewel cases
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