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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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ACP&D Limited - 18 years old today

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4th September 2014 - Happy Birthday ACP&D Limited
The 4th September 2014 is a 'red letter' day for ACP&D Limited for it is 18 years to the day that the company was formed by it's Managing Director, Clive Pimlott. Back in 1996 when ACP&D Limited commenced trading they initially just specialized in the Swiss SIG servo-hydraulic linear and torque amplifiers and the chocolate pumps (SUP) also from SIG or Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik as they are now known. Within the first year of trading stepping motor systems from SHS had been added with their leading brand the Star2000 making it's first appearance.

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Around this time small linear actuators from Sonceboz made their first appearance and a little later on in 1998 AC variable speed drives had also been added to the portfolio. In 2014 the company sells ten different makes of inverter making it a true drives specialist.
Shortly after the Millennium AC induction motors were added to the portfolio which enabled the company to offer complete drive systems and with the added ability of offering engineering support on site ACP&D Limited were able to offer installation and commissioning services as well as breakdown services.
By 2005 Varvel and STM worm gearboxes and variators were added as well as Neugart high precision planetary gearboxes. By this stage ACP&D Limited's motto 'Position with Precision' could truly incorporate the company's ethic.
Over the last few years the company's portfolio has expanded to an even greater extent with Sonceboz chart drives, DC drives and motors, encoders and tachogenerators added to the range, PLCs from the likes of Mitsubishi as well as industrial network products like the HMS Anybus Communicator and the Anybus-X Gateway have since boosted ACP&D Limited's product portfolio.
Finally, other products like soft starters,flexible couplings and submersible pumps have recently been added to the portfolio which completes the range of products offered in 2014 by the company. To view the full range of product offered by ACP&D Limited click here.
Not being a company that is prepared to stand still, ACP&D Limited are negotiating with a number of other companies with a view to adding further products to the portfolio.



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